We Board Labs! - Long Islands exclusive cagefree boarding 4 Labrador  Retrievers
We are no longer accepting new customers. 

If there's anyone viewing this who is interested in boarding Labs in their home and is in the Huntington LI area, please contact me. 
Long Island's exclusive country-style boarding for English Labrador Retrievers,
where dogs are cageless & carefree.
Located in Huntington, New York
--40 miles from Manhattan--
Phone: (631) 549-8263
[This is a landline; cannot receive text msgs]
Drop offs and Pick ups By Appointment Only
between the hours of 9am and 4pm
English Labs are just the best dogs!  All they want to do is get along with everyone and have fun. 
And the toughest part about traveling, whether for vacation or work, is leaving your dog behind, where to leave them, and whom to entrust with their care. 
Ideally, you want them in a home environment, taken care of with the same love & attention you give them.  And wouldn't it be wonderful if they had other Labs to play with?  
That's exactly what we offer at We Board Labs, Inc.   You won't find any kennels, crates, cages, cement floors or chainlink fences here.  Our home & our hearts are open to your Lab, providing it is well-balanced and has good house manners.
Note:  Our customers seek us out because we only board Labradors, so we tend not to consider Lab "mixes."  If you don't own a Lab, I'll be happy to email you our "network list" of others who do in-home dog boarding.
Sleepaway camp for dogs!
Our daily/overnight fee is $60.
That includes tax & we accept charge cards.
  •   Dogs have free run of our entire house and 1/4 acre, shady, fenced-in backyard.  (The split-rail fence showing in photo to the right is 4' high with heavy duty wire mesh from the ground to above the top rail.)
  •    Entertainment! A kiddie pool, raised dog beds for lounging in the shade, hourly love and hugs AND the companionship of other dogs, all temperament-tested beforehand.
  •   Toys!  Dozens of indoor & outdoor Kongs, tug ropes, Nylabones, balls of all sizes, Holy Rollers, marrow bones, deer and elk antlers. 
  • Treats! We serve all-natural treats, including biscuits, fruit & vegetables.  And for hot summer days, an ice-lick Popsicle.  (That's Lilly and Chase enjoying one.)
  • We'll be happy to feed your dog our four-star kibble, no extra charge.  But of course you can bring whatever food your dog is accustomed to eating.  Check out 3-month-old Mamie waiting patiently on the kitchen floor.
  •    We try to limit ourselves to eight guest dogs and we much prefer English Labs to American (sometimes called Field or Hunting Labs).  This allows us to be very selective about who we say Yes to, but at the same time, it means we fill up FAST.
No Dogs on Furniture
Dogs are not allowed on our furniture.  This is because we do a lot of work with the Guide Dog Foundation in Smithtown & often have future service dogs here, so "guide-dog rules" prevail.  If your dog lives by other rules, you may wish to board them at one of the many places that grant that freedom.  (Request our list at Dale@WeBoardLabs.com)
Where do they sleep? 
That's what everyone wants to know.  We have a dozen dog beds throughout the house for napping & nighttime.   No need to bring your dog's bed.  If a dog is comfortable being part of our pack, they will most likely join us all in the bedroom where the floor is covered with blankets and dog beds.
  •  If your pup is accustomed to sleeping in a crate, we have one set up in our kitchen.  Any dog can make use of it, but we prefer not to crate any dog.
  •    No need to bring your dog dishes.  We have a dozen stainless steel bowls for feeding & several large water bowls outside on the deck & indoors. 
  •    Each dog gets its own Private Locker for its personal effects like vitamins, Derm Caps, ear cleaner, eye drops.  We can administer most medicine as needed.
What we usually say No to.
  •    Dogs that show aggression with toys, food, people or other dogs.  We don't appreciate grumpy or nasty behavior.
  •    Unspayed or unneutered dogs over a year old.  Puppies under six months old.
  •    Lab "mixes," although we have found that Lab-golden "crosses" can do well here. 
  •    Hyper, anxious or wildly active dogs, or dogs with separation anxiety. 
  •    Obsessive barkers, escape artists, fearful dogs that growl, dogs that take over our furniture, fence jumpers, counter surfers (steal food), destructive behaviors... (If you don't trust your dog by giving it total freedom in your house, please don't ask us to.)
  •    American Chocolate Labs.  Amazingly enough, based on our experience, many American chocolates don't exhibit the calm, balanced energy needed for a happy pack and a sane household.  Great family pets, but we prefer not to board them. English chocolates have done fine here.  Below is Rawley, one of our favorite English chocolate Labs.
Our objective:  
 Every dog should have a good time here!
(But not at our expense. )
    Since dogs have total freedom and live with us as our own pets, we need them to be polite, obedient and well-mannered.
We charge $60 a day per dog (includes tax)
and accept credit cards.
    Drop-offs and pick ups are by appointment and preferred to be after 9 am & no later than 4 pm.  We like to keep our evenings for ourselves, to relax and recuperate,  since our days can be rather exhausting.  No drop-offs or pick-ups on Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas.
     While you're away, check our Facebook where you can watch videos of your dog having fun here.  You can LIKE the page (here's the link) or hit the SHARE button below.      http://www.facebook.com/WeBoardLabs
    Did we answer all your questions?  
If not, call us at (631) 549-8263.
[This is a landline; cannot receive text msgs]
Email us at Dale@WeBoardLabs.com 
Hug your pooch for us!
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